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Metabolic switching[ edit ] When non-aerobic glycogen metabolism is insufficient to meet energy demands, physiologic mechanisms utilize alternative sources of energy such as fatty acids and proteins via aerobic respiration.

Second-wind phenomena in metabolic disorders such as McArdle's disease are attributed to this metabolic switch and the same or a similar phenomenon may occur in healthy individuals see symptoms of McArdle's disease. Lactic merhamet sağlık kalp mini maraton yürüyüşü edit ] Muscular exercise as well as other cellular functions requires oxygen to produce ATP and properly function.

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This normal function is called aerobic metabolism and does not produce lactic acid if enough oxygen is present. During heavy exercise such as long distance running or any demanding exercise, the body's need for oxygen to produce energy is higher than the oxygen supplied in the blood from respiration. Anaerobic metabolism to merhamet sağlık kalp mini maraton yürüyüşü degree then takes place in the muscle and this less ideal energy production produces lactic acid as a waste metabolite.

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If the oxygen supply is not soon restored, this may lead to accumulation of lactic acid. This is the case even without exercise in people with respiratory diseasechallenged circulation of blood to parts of the body or any other situation when oxygen cannot be supplied to the tissues involved.

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Some people's bodies may take more time than others to be able to balance the amount of oxygen they need to counteract the lactic acid. This theory of the second wind posits that, by pushing past the point of pain and exhaustion, runners may give their systems enough time to warm up and begin to use the oxygen to its fullest potential.

Mayıs 13,öö 42 Yazacaklarımın hiçbir veriye, araştırmaya vs. Bu sefer de kültürümüzün cevap hakkını kullanmak istedim. Bu tespitleri bir adım öteye götürecek olursak; toplumumuzda kavga, adam yaralama gibi adli olayların diğer medeni toplumlara göre daha sık olduğu öne sürülebilir.

For this reason, well-conditioned Olympic-level runners do not generally experience a second wind or they experience it much sooner because their bodies are trained to perform properly from the start of the race. The idea of "properly trained" athlete delves into the theory of how an amateur athlete can train his or her body to increase the aerobic capacity or aerobic metabolism.

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A big push[ clarification needed ] in Ironman Triathlon ten years ago introduced the idea of heart rate training and "tricking" one's body into staying in an aerobic metabolic state for longer periods of time. This idea is widely accepted and incorporated into many Ironman Triathlon training programs.

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