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One of these hierarchical relations is the unequal gender relations that persist on the basis of patriarchal culture. The general statistics programs of the Sustainable Development Agenda were examined. This de-cision has created a long-term program framework for post national census planning and implementation.

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Theuse of electronic data collection Technologies for counting, studies for the measurement of international mig-ration were evaluated in the joint workshop decision and their contents were prepared. The findings of the global and regional activities proposed through UNSD and SESRIC reported the support and investment efforts forth eco-establishment of internationally accepted methodological framework for censuses and forincreasing the nati-onal capacities of the countries during the census.

SESRIC mentioned the combined effects of geotechnical scales and fieldwork data on the utilization of modern Technologies forthese studies. The method of data collection will also be very important to ensure the monitoring, control and regulation of cases with rapid acceleration, such as international migration and smuggling.

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At present, lr sağlık flashback kalp has become clear that unhealthy data, inconsistent numbers, in adequatere sources and international cooperationneed to be developed in global databases. Thisstudy, which is envisaged to be implemented in the context of international law, requires member giants touse common software instead of different software.

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The most important reason for the identified difficulties is that the data transfer me-chanisms in countries which haven ocommunication in frastructure, or which are inadequate cannot be taken in to consideration. The implementation of the Geographical Information System GIS has been determined in the next surveys, the international determinations and recommendations mentioned in the meetings will be used to calculate the national and regional indicators lr sağlık flashback kalp the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.

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In all develop-ment programs on a global scale, shortage of census data will prevent all other indicators from appearing. As a re-sult, the establishment of centrally managed centralized system and planning coordination programs are required.

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